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Yet, after over 70 years, the process is still unfinished, with many countries outside of the Union and the EU itself divided and lacking competences in key areas. A united Europe can do more than any country alone in such areas as peace and security, climate action, economic stability, migration, human rights and public health, to name a few. A Constituent Assembly should develop a European Constitution defining the key elements and principles of a democratic European Federation, including: - Chamber of European Citizens reformed European Parliament sharing its legislative powers with a European Senate reformed Councilwith laws adopted by simple majority in both institutions qualified majority for constitutional matters - European Government reformed Commission being the executive of dolgozzon otthon a finnish24 ben Federation bevezetés a lehetőségekhez by and responsible to the Chamber - Court of Justice providing judicial control Respecting the principle of subsidiarity, the federal institutions should have competences only in the areas where they can provide more added value than their national or local counterparts.

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The European Federation should gradually embrace the dolgozzon otthon a finnish24 ben continent in a democratic enlargement process and support similar integration efforts globally.

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