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Here are five tricks to write perfect YouTube descriptions. Start strong The first five lines of your description are the most critical, so make them count and start off strong.

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One of your top priorities should be to include a link to your offer or promotion. You should also optimize your description to include important keywords and it is good practice to include LSI keywords for extra context. Use this strategy to get your video ranked for the correct terms.

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Include links to your social media and be sure to use the full address, or the link will not work. Of course, the most prominent link should be the one to your affiliate site, then put the rest in order of your priorities.

A kihívás abban rejlik, hogy meghatározza, mely megtekintői műveletek a legértékesebbek az Ön számára.

This could mean your vlog, website, or social media accounts. Your video page is like any other site and can rank on Google and YouTube, so maximize your content.

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Treat your box like a blog and use it as something your followers can enjoy reading as well as for SEO. This means not just turning it into a collection of links for people to follow. Create short, enjoyable little blog posts that are relevant to the content in your video.

This can be a great spot to include targeted phrases, as well as some useful time stamps.

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Videó opciók mutatói a profile with TubeBuddy You can add TubeBuddy, which is a browser extension, to your browser for free. One of the options allows for YouTube users to set up different upload defaults for different profiles. If you are making different kinds of content with different kinds of optimization needs, then this extension can be very handy for you.

Akik komolyabban foglalkoznak csatorna menedzsmenttel, azok biztosan sokat bosszankodtak rajta, hogy a videóink felületéről nem lehetett külső weboldalra mutató linket elhelyezni. Csupán annyi lehetőségünk volt az elmúlt napokig, hogy a videó leírásában helyeztük el a kapcsolódó linkünket.

These defaults make your life a bit easier by automatically filling in your videó opciók mutatói fields with predetermined data. TubeBuddy lets you punch in a template description, title, and tags, which will save you a ton of time.

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Get creative and make content you think your followers will enjoy, but make sure to prioritize links such as your affiliate page, website, and social media. Chloe Bennet is a content manager at  Academized  and  Paper Fellows  services. She works on content improvement and researches new marketing techniques.

Also, Chloe is a tutor at  Research Paper Writing  portal.

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