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Állások Young Roma people are significantly disadvantaged both in educational outcomes and labour market success in Hungary. The TÁRKI Social Research Institute has followed a group of people who were eighth graders in until now, and this paper presents the data from the seventh wave of this Hungarian Life Course Survey, which has surveyed people of 22 or 23 years of age.

  • My Critical Work on Romani Literature in Hungary Personal connections I am the descendant of famous Romani musicians — in Hungary, the word cigányzenész literally: Gypsy musician is used.
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  • The aim is to raise the awareness of the wider public about issues that concern young Roma nowadays.
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The report focuses on analysis and explanation of the gap in education and labour market outcomes between Roma home work róma non-Roma in Hungary. The research can be divided into three main sections: secondary school dropout rates, qualifications and labour market success.

One quarter of the gap in dropout rates can be explained by a gap in educational achievement existent before secondary school Roma are often academically behind already bywhile another quarter can be explained by differences in material welfare and home environment during secondary school.

Other suggested factors, such as geographic location, the particular schools at which students study and non-cognitive skills such as self-esteem or social competence are found to be irrelevant to dropout rates.

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The two key qualifications home work róma are the Matura exam and university graduation. The differences in qualifications are stark.

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These differences in results are explained almost entirely by cognitive skills at measured by exam results at the end of primary education and the effects of poverty and home environment on Roma students during their secondary school years.

As regards labour market success, the report tracks two key features: employment rates and monthly wages.

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