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Just got over the first — Aka my first bathe in the sea Italy has already given me so much but this country gave me the home work pavia to swim in the sea for the first time in my life home work pavia and to experience the power of the sea. However, this all changed in July, first when we visited La Spezia and Riomaggiore, then when we had a 4-day long trip to Lavagna, at the Italian Riviera.

But starting everything from the beginning after our trip to Florence but before Lavagna we had some free days so we decided to go to La Spezia for a day and also to visit the famous Cinque Terre on 8th July then between 10th and 13th July we were in Lavagna.

From Pavia first we travelled to La Spezia as this is one of the most well-known towns in that region.

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The city itself is not part of the Cinque Terre but due to its size and closeness to the little villages it is quite a tourist destination despite the fact that it has no beach just a huge port. From the railway station we went directly to the sea through the main street of the town.

La Spezia is a beautiful and clean town and alongside its main street one can find orange and lemon trees full with fruits while on the smaller streets there are home work pavia being the ornaments of the streets. The main street led us to a big garden which actually showed us all the plants typical in the region. Oleanders, flowers, palm trees and home work pavia pine trees could be found there. Crossing this park we were already at the port where everything was full with palm trees.

One of the home work pavia sights of the town was also there, a bridge over the sea which leads to a smaller island which serves as a port for home work pavia yachts.

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After spending some time by the sea we decided to climb up on a hill to the castle of the town which decision seemed to be a bit silly as the weather was pretty hot, yet the view of the town, of the hills and of the sea and the port from the castle was totally worth the effort. Up in the castle we decided to go to one of the 5 little villages, to Riomaggiore which is the closest one to La Spezia.

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After a short train trip we were already there. The village was quite small yet amazingly beautiful and one could instantly tell that it lives from tourism as everywhere we bumped into tourists and we found souvenir shops, restaurants and real Italian ice cream shops in every corner. However, we first went to the beach after having a bath in the sea we took a walk tour in the village too.

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At Riomaggiore the water of the Ligurian sea was very clean and very blue due to partly the rocky coast that can be found there. It was funny to experience how easily water can put me to another spot.

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Well, this was the first time I had a bath in the sea. As I already wrote above we spent 3 nights in Lavagna at the Italian Riviera. Lavagna is famous for its very long, 4 km-s long beach so people can choose from the more rocky or more sandy and the more calm or more wavy parts of the beach according to their desires.

Of course we walked in the town and visited its only sights, its church, yet we spent as much time on the beach as we could.

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Luckily the afternoons were sunny and bright and there was no sign left behind by the storms so we could go to the beach.

I had a really great time and it was so great to recharge by the sea and take some rest from the ongoing events of my mobility period and also gaining some power for the last obstacle in front of me and me finishing, namely my Italian final exam.

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If one wants to have a vacation on the Italian Riviera I highly recommend Lavagna partly because its long coast and partly because its proximity to both Genoa and the Cinque Terre so sightseeing programs can be organized as well. Also, if one is spending some time by the Ligurian sea I highly recommend a visit to at least one of the five small villages as they are special treasures of Italy.

Have a nice day guys!

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