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Security of supply 3 1. Competitiveness 4 2. The Action Plan 5 3. The Internal Energy Market 6 3. Solidarity between Member States and security of supply for oil, gas and electricity 10 3. Anambitious programme of energy efficiency measures at Community, national, local and international level 11 3.

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A longer term target for renewable energy 13 3. Towards a low CO2 fossil fuel future 16 3. The future of nuclear 17 3. An International Energy Policy that actively pursues Europe's interests 18 3. The Messina declaration, 1.

But the days of cheap energy for Europe seem to be over.

home jobs messina

The challenges of climate change, increasing import dependence and higher energy prices are faced by all EU members. Home jobs messina the interdependence of EU Member States in energy, as in many other areas, is increasing — a power failure in one country has immediate effects in others.

Europe needs to act now, together, to deliver sustainable, secure and competitive energy. In doing so the EU would return to its roots. In with the Coal and Steel Treaty and with the Euratom Treaty, the founding Member States saw the need for a common approach to energy.

home jobs messina

Energy markets and geopolitical considerations have changed significantly since then. But the need for EU action is stronger than ever. A new European Energy Policy needs to be ambitious, competitive and long-term — and to the benefit of all Europeans.

The EU is committed to addressing this - by reducing EU and worldwide home jobs messina gas emissions at a global level to a level that would limit the global temperature increase to 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

The present energy policies within the EU home jobs messina not sustainable. Security of supply Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on imported hydrocarbons. This carries political and economic risks. The pressure on global energy resources is intense.


How supply will keep up with this demand is unknown: the IEA in its World Energy Outlook stated that "the ability and willingness of major oil and gas producers to step up investment in order to meet rising global demand are particularly uncertain"[2].

The risk of supply failure is growing. In addition, the mechanisms to ensure solidarity between Member States in the event of an energy crisis are not yet in place and several Member States are largely or completely dependent on one single gas supplier.

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At the home jobs messina time, EU electricity demand is, on a business as usual scenario, rising by some 1. Predictability and effective internal gas and electricity markets are essential to enable the necessary long term investments to take place and for user prices to be competitive.

These are not yet in place. Competitiveness The EU is becoming increasingly exposed to the effects of price volatility and price rises on international energy markets and the consequences of the progressive concentration of hydrocarbons reserves in few hands. Very little of this wealth transfer would result in additional jobs in the EU. Providing that the right policy and legislative frameworks are in place, the Internal Energy Market could stimulate fair and competitive energy prices and energy savings, as well home jobs messina higher investment.

However, all the conditions to achieve this do not yet exist. This prevents EU citizens and the EU economy from receiving the full benefits of energy liberalisation.

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A longer time horizon in the home jobs messina of carbon constraints is required in order to promote the necessary investments in the electricity sector.

Boosting investment, in particular in energy efficiency and renewable energy should create jobs, promoting innovation home jobs messina the knowledge-based economy in the EU. It has the potential to lead the rapidly growing global market for low carbon energy technologies. Europe's determination to lead the global fight against climate change creates an opportunity for us to drive the global research agenda.

All options should be kept to ensure the development of emerging technologies. At the same time, the social dimension of Europe's energy policy needs to be opció alkalmazás into account throughout all stages of designing and implementing the individual measures.

While this policy should overall contribute to the growth and jobs in Europe on the long term, it may have a significant impact on some internationally traded products and processes in particular in the area of energy-intensive industries. Taken together, this strategic objective and the concrete measures set out below to make it a reality represent the core of a new European Energy Policy. THE ACTION PLAN To achieve the strategic energy objective set out above means transforming Europe into a highly energy efficient and low CO2 energy economy, catalysing a new industrial revolutionaccelerating the change to low carbon growth and, over a period of years, dramatically increasing the amount of local, low emission energy that we produce and home jobs messina.

The challenge is to do this in a way that maximises the potential competitiveness gains for Europe, and limits the potential costs.

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Existing measures on areas such internetes pénz hol lehet pénzt keresni renewable electricity, biofuels, energy efficiency and the Internal Energy Market have achieved important results but lack the coherence home jobs messina to bring sustainability, security of supply and competitiveness.

No one element of the policy provides all the answers — they must be taken together as a whole. Energy policy must be addressed by many different policy areas. For example, as mentioned above the social dimension of Europe's energy policy needs to be taken into account throughout all stages of designing and implementing the individual measures[7] and it will be home jobs messina to develop the further use of oceans and seas to promote the EU's energy goals, given their potential to support the generation of energy and to diversify home jobs messina transport routes and methods[8].

This will be backed up with careful monitoring and reporting of progress, as well as the effective exchange of best practice and continued transparency - through the regular presentation by the Commission of an updated Strategic Energy Review. The measures outlined below will not only put the Home jobs messina on the path to becoming a low carbon knowledge-based energy economy, but will at the same time improve its security of supply and make a progressively more significant contribution to competitiveness.

The Internal Energy Market A real Internal Energy Market is essential to meet all three of Europe's energy challenges: - Competitiveness: a competitive market will cut costs for citizens and companies and stimulate energy efficiency and investment. Furthermore, transmission system operators must have an interest in promoting connection by renewable, combined heat and power and micro generation, stimulating innovation and encouraging smaller companies and individuals to consider non-conventional supply.

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The effective separation of networks from the competitive parts of the electricity and gas business results in real incentives for companies to invest in new infrastructure, inter-connection capacity and new generation capacity, thereby home jobs messina black-outs and unnecessary price surges. A true single market promotes diversity. The EC has already adopted a series of measures[9] to create an Internal Energy Market intended to deliver real choice for all EU consumers, be they citizens or home jobs messina, new business opportunities and more cross-border trade.

The Internal Energy Market Communication[10] and the final Report on the Competition Sectoral Enquiry[11] demonstrate that the present rules and measures have not yet achieved these objectives. There are signs that this lack of progress is leading Member States to impose generalised caps on electricity and gas prices.

Depending on the level at which such price caps are set and whether they are generalised in nature, they can prevent the Internal Energy Market from functioning and suppress price signals that new capacity is needed, leading to underinvestment and future supply crunches.

home jobs messina

They can, under such circumstances make it harder for new entrants, including those offering clean energy, to enter the market. In the light of the many submissions received during the Green Paper consultation period, the Commission considers that this situation cannot continue. A coherent series of measures now need to home jobs messina taken with the objective of creating within three years a European Gas and Electricity Grid and truly competitive European-wide energy market.

In order to achieve this, the Commission has identified the following requirements: 3. Unbundling The Internal Market Report and Sector enquiry show the danger of discrimination and abuse when companies control energy networks as well as production or sales, protecting national markets and preventing competition.

home jobs messina

The Commission considers that two options might be considered to redress this: a full Independent System Operator where the vertically integrated company remains owner of the network assets and receives a regulated return home jobs messina them, but is not responsible for their operation, maintenance or development or ownership unbundling where network companies are wholly separate from the supply and generation companies [12].

Economic evidence shows that ownership unbundling is the most effective means to ensure choice for energy users and to encourage investment.

It also avoids overly detailed and complex regulation and disproportionate administrative burdens.

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The independent system operator approach would improve the status quo but would require more detailed, prescriptive and costly regulation and would be less effective in addressing the disincentives to invest in networks.

In addition, the provisions regarding the unbundling of distribution activities — which presently exempt distributors with less than customers from most of the unbundling requirements — need to be re-examined. Effective regulation First of all, the levels of powers and independence of energy regulators need to be harmonized on the basis of the highest, not the lowest, common denominator in the EU.

Secondly, they must be given home jobs messina only kölcsönzött pénzt a bináris opciós tőzsdén task of promoting the effective development of their national market, but also that of promoting the development of the Internal Energy Market.

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